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Toyo Sasaki Japanese Premium Craft Beer Glass Trio Set with Wooden Gift Box

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Immerse yourself in a world-class beer-tasting experience with the Ultimate Toyo Sasaki Craft Beer Glass Trio. Directly imported from the heart of Japan, each set showcases the meticulous design and profound craftsmanship synonymous with Japanese artisans.

Each glass, crafted from exceptionally durable, thin-tempered glass, not only embodies elegance but also promises a lasting presence in your collection. The deliberate contours of these glasses have been mastered to enhance the aroma and flavor profile of different beer varieties, promising a sublime tasting experience every time.

The magic doesn't stop at the glasses. One of the most distinctive features is the exquisite wooden gift box that houses them. Every box is meticulously engraved with detailed writings and pairing recommendations for each glass. This transforms your beer tasting into a guided journey, ensuring you savor each brew the way it's truly meant to be enjoyed. Whether you're diving into the notes of a robust stout or the refreshing hints of an IPA, the pairing guide is your roadmap to beer nirvana.

This attention to detail, combined with the unparalleled quality of the glassware, makes it not just a purchase but an investment into a refined beer-drinking legacy. It stands as an ideal gift for craft beer aficionados, collectors of unique glassware, or anyone looking to elevate their beer-drinking experience.

Brand: Toyo-Sasaki

Origin: Made in Japan

3x Beer Glass 
1x Wooden Box

Handcrafted in Japan, each with a unique design.