About Toyo-Sasaki Glass Japan

Toyo Glass was founded in 1878 during the Meiji era and officially merged with Sasaki Glass in 1957. Toyo Sasaki Glass (TSG) is the top glassware manufacturer in Japan, a company comprised of master craftsmen who specialize in the art of glassmaking. Each artisan requires at least 15 years of glassmaking experience to be accepted by the Certified Traditional Japanese Craft-Masters, a prefectural association that credits prestigious artisans for their utmost ability and expertise in traditional Japanese crafts. The glassware products designed by TSG are exclusive and maintain durability.

He company also collaborates with various designers and artists, providing them with customized glass products and professional support and advice in design and manufacturing. These products are also popular internationally and are often displayed at various art exhibitions and museums.

Overall, Toyo Sasaki Glass (TSG) is a traditional yet modern glass manufacturing company that focuses on producing high-quality and beautiful products and has a good reputation worldwide.

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