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Toyo Sasaki Essence Whisky Glasses

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Introducing the Toyo Sasaki Essence Whisky Glasses, a perfect fusion of Japanese craftsmanship and contemporary elegance. Embrace the art of whisky enjoyment with these exquisite glasses meticulously designed to elevate your whisky-drinking experience.

Crafted with precision in Japan, these whisky glasses embody the essence of Toyo Sasaki's renowned craftsmanship. Each glass is meticulously blown using the finest material, ensuring clarity, brilliance, and a satisfying weight in hand. The absence of lead guarantees that you savor your favorite whisky in its purest form, enhancing the flavor profile and aromas for an unparalleled tasting experience.

The Essence Whisky Glasses boast a distinctive shape that perfectly accommodates your favorite spirits. The wide bowl allows ample room for swirling, enhancing the whisky's aroma, while the tapered opening concentrates the bouquet, delivering every nuanced note directly to your senses. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, making these glasses ideal for sipping whisky leisurely or sharing your most treasured spirits with friends and loved ones. 

• Brand: Toyo-Sasaki

Origin: Made in Japan

1x Whisky Glass

Handcrafted in Japan, each with a unique design.