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Introducing the Toyo Sakaki Honkaku Sho Whisky Glasses, where exquisite craftsmanship meets artistic allure. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of whiskey appreciation with these imported gems, each adorned with a delicately hand-painted single smoke shape on the glass.

Meticulously crafted with precision and care, these glasses showcase the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Made from high-quality glassware, they offer exceptional clarity and durability, ensuring a long-lasting companion for your whiskey-drinking adventures.

The thoughtfully designed shape of the glass enhances the whiskey experience to new heights. The wide bowl allows the aromas to flourish, while the tapered mouth concentrates and directs the scents, creating an immersive sensory journey for your taste buds.

Adding a touch of artistic flair, the single smoke shape delicately painted on the glass captures the essence of the whisky's essence and mystique. It serves as a visual reminder of the smoky allure and complexity within each sip, creating an enticing conversation piece for your guests and a source of personal delight.

The Toyo Sakaki Honkaku Sho Whisky Glasses with their unique smoke motif are not just vessels for whiskey; they are an embodiment of beauty and sophistication. Elevate your whiskey-drinking experience and transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

With their striking design and impeccable craftsmanship, these glasses become the centrepiece of your home bar or whisky collection. Immerse yourself in the tradition and charm of Japanese artistry with the Toyo Sakaki Honkaku Sho Whisky Glasses, where passion, precision, and visual allure converge.

• Brand: Toyo-Sasaki

• Origin: Made in Japan

Handcrafted in Japan, each with a unique design. 

• Product
Whisky Glass

• Glass

• Diameter: 3.90in/9.9cm
• Height: 3.50in/8.9cm
• Capacity: 10.7oz/315ml

• Diameter: 3.78in/9.6cm
• Height: 3.77in/12cm
• Capacity: 13oz/385ml

• Do Not put in oven or under direct fire/heat
• May crack when subject to extreme temperature differential
• Hand clean with soft cloth and mild chemicals
• Item is fragile, avoid dropping

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