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Yamanaka Shikki Gold Foil Round Tray

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Introducing the Yamanaka Shikki Gold Foil Round Tray, a masterfully handcrafted piece of Japanese lacquerware that brings an unparalleled level of elegance to your home. Each tray is hand-painted and embellished with delicate gold foil, showcasing the intricate artistry of skilled Japanese artisans.

The tray is adorned with stunning motifs, including the symbolic Sensu-Tsuru design, representing good fortune and longevity, and the serene Aki no Kusa design, celebrating the natural beauty of the seasons. With its exquisite craftsmanship and timeless beauty, this tray is perfect for serving tea or desserts or as a decorative centerpiece.

The Yamanaka Shikki Gold Foil Round Tray is a testament to Japanese lacquerware's rich heritage and enduring art. It makes an ideal gift for special occasions, embodying the perfect harmony of art and functionality. Add a touch of traditional Japanese elegance to your home and experience the enduring beauty of this handcrafted masterpiece.

Origin: Made in Japan

Craft: 山中漆器 (Yamanaka Shikki)

1x Round Tray

Handcrafted in Japan using traditional methods, each has a unique design and texture. 

Yamanaka Lacquerware

Yamanaka lacquerware originated 400 years ago during the Azuchi-Momoyama period. Initially made by woodworkers for hot spring visitors, it evolved by adopting techniques from Aizu, Kyoto, and Kanazawa. In the 1950s, production expanded to include resin materials. Today, it is used in tableware, interior goods, and bridal gifts.

Natural Lacquer

Only about 200ml of lacquer can be harvested from a single tree, making it a rare and valuable natural coating. The preciousness of natural lacquer emphasizes its significance in traditional Japanese craftsmanship and its enduring value in Yamanaka lacquerware.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Each piece is accented with delicate touches on the upper rim. Skilled artisans swiftly rotate the vessel, finishing the work by hand, ensuring every item is unique and crafted with precision.

Crafted with Soft Hair

Maki-e brushes are crafted using soft hairs from animals such as rabbits and raccoons. This choice of material allows for the delicate and precise application of intricate designs, essential to the art of traditional Japanese lacquerware

Creating Designs with Lacquer

Designs are painted using a viscous lacquer. This technique, known as maki-e, involves applying the sticky lacquer to create intricate and beautiful patterns, a hallmark of traditional Japanese lacquerware craftsmanship.

Applying Gold Powder

After painting designs with lacquer, gold powder is sprinkled using a tool made from reed stems. The lacquer acts as an adhesive, ensuring that the gold powder adheres only to the lacquered areas, creating intricate and stunning patterns that are signature to the maki-e technique in traditional Japanese lacquerware.

Finishing Touches

Lacquered products are enhanced with maki-e and silk screen printing tailored to their use. Techniques include applying gold and silver powders, color gradients, and raised designs. Designs are printed in multiple layers, incorporating maki-e to add gold powder, resulting in intricate and multi-dimensional finishes.