Vinaera Pro Mv7 Adjustable Electric Wine Aerator

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Vinaera PRO allows you to fine-tune the level of aeration to best suit any style of wine 

People can’t effectively and correctly decant wine in this busy age. This product with an exclusive patent lets people quickly and easily “ADJUST" the aeration level to get the best aroma and aerated taste. It has the equivalent effect of decanting for 0-180mins, as selected by the dial. With just one tap, you can immediately experience wine at the optimal aeration level to your taste. In addition, the new telescoping stainless steel tube with filter is designed to effectively maintain the red wine quality and the product base easy to store.

This is the revolution of wine decanting. It can ultimately improve the inconvenience of traditional glass decanter, saving you decanting time. Now, People who don’t understand decanting can also easily enjoy a full bouquet of wine.

• Origin: Made in Taiwan

• Product:
1x Vinaera Pro Mv7

• Stainless Steel
• Silicone
• Pump

• Product Size: Details illustrated in photo

• Battery: AAA 1.5V x 6

• Motor: Customized – Micro Water Pump

• Decanting Method: Wine Mixed with Air
(Same Effect as Decanter)

• Speed of Aeration: Instant (One Touch)

• Save Decanting Time: The Effect is About Decanting
in a Decanter 0-180mins
(Suitable for 99% Red Wines)

• The Bottles that can be used
continuously (New Batteries): 100 Bottles

• Suitable for Bottle Size: 0.75L/1.5L

• Applicability liquor: Red Wine / White Wine / Whisky
/ Brandy / Chinese White Wine
/ Other Distilled Liquor

• Do Not put in oven or under direct fire/heat
• Hand clean with soft cloth and mild chemicals only
• Avoid dropping

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Vinaera Pro MV7

The world's first adjustable electric wine aerator.


Just one tap for aerating wine immediately, the aeration level is equivalent to around 0-180 minutes in a glass decanter. It can completely improve the inconvenience of traditional glass decanter, saving you decanting time.

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How To Use

Ready in 6 steps!


Adjustable Air Intake Mechanism+ Venturi Effect


Waiting Minutes 🍷


La Chapelle Wine Boutique- Founder : BRETTUS ISG L2 / UK WSET L4 Candidate

Professional Sommelier’s Review

Most of the wine decanting time is between 0-180 minutes using a glass decanter. Especially full-bodied, tight wines and some grape varieties with wine barrels that have heavy tannin structures, even more time is usually needed for the aeration.

Vinaera PRO adjusts to suit any wine and your taste preferences by providing an aeration range from zero aeration to the equivalent effect of decanting for three hours. It lets people have fun discovering how the same bottle of wine can have different tastes as well.

It is really convenient for wine lovers, it is really amazing.

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