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Japanese Maneki-neko (Lucky Cat) Chopstick Set

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Natural solid wood chopsticks are easy to clean and easy to use; the chopsticks are treated with natural plant lacquer, which is very suitable for children and adults.

Carved Japanese vein, daily use is not easy to slip, pointed chopstick tip design, so that the clamping of food is more convenient and stable. Medical studies have shown that the use of chopsticks can make more than 30 joints and 50 muscles on the shoulder, arm, wrist, and finger get full exercise. After long-term use, fingers and brain will be more flexible.

Suitable for home, hotel, restaurant, travel, good gift choice. Ideal for any Asian-style dinner party, Sushi Night, Noodle soup, Rice bowl, Shabu-shabu, BBQ etc.

1x Black Chopsticks
1x Red Chopsticks
2x Chopstick Rest
1x Gift Box