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Touetsugama Japanese Golden Glazed Tea Set

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Indulge in the authentic Japanese tea-drinking experience with Touetsugama's Golden Glazed Tea Set. Made in Japan with traditional ceramic-making methods, this set of 6 ceramic teacups boasts unique designs and textures. Elevate your tea time with Touetsugama.

Brand: Touetsugama

Origin: Made in Japan

6x Ceramic Teacups

Handcrafted in Japan with traditional ceramic-making methods, each with a unique design and texture. 

Rich Patterns

Gold thread, silver thread, arabesque, with luxurious patterns, visually majestic.

Gift Collection

Calm and magical cup. A decent gift with collection value.

Kiln Glaze

The painting brush of gold and silver glaze is changed from the high temperature kiln, and the stroke has a mottled glaze surface with a sense of time, and the depth is slightly different

Unique Ceramic Material

The surprise of the ware is also contained in the biscuit, there are white porcelain biscuit, and there are also compact high-temperature stoneware, hence the touch is different.

Bottom Engraving

"悦山" logo is printed on the bottom, guaranteed authenticity from Japan.

Ingenuity Inheritance

Touetsugama's 300-year-old craftsmanship, classical Japanese style and modern modernity, are reflected in this set of utensils.