Ishida Handcrafted Happy Life Chopsticks


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Experience true happiness with Ishida Handcrafted Happy Life Chopsticks. This unique set includes one long chopstick for the husband and a shorter one for the wife, perfect for sharing meals. Comes with a charming home-shaped chopstick rest and elegant wooden gift box. Elevate your dining experience today with these handcrafted chopsticks.

 Brand: Ishida

• Origin: Made in Japan

• Product:
1x Blue Chopstick
1x White Chopstick
2x Chopstick Rest
1x Wooden Box

• Coating: Lacquer

Handcrafted in Japan with traditional ceramic-making methods, each with a unique design and texture.

• Wood- Wakasa Lacquerware

Blue Chopstick
• Length: 9.06in/23cm
White Chopstick
• Length: 8.27in/21cm

• Hand wash only

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About Ishida Wakasa Lacquer Chopsticks

Ishida has been making Wakasa-nuri for more than eighty years. Wakasa lacquerware is a traditional craft of Obama, Fukui Prefecture that has been around since the early Edo period.

​​Ishida not only preserves the tradition, but also challenges the best chopsticks by paying attention to the product from every angle such as material, design, and texture. Using their own skilled craftsmanship as a foundation, the company has also developed their own machinery and equipment to produce high-quality, low-cost chopsticks that balance the two polar elements of tradition and innovation, warmth and sharpness.

Happy Life Chopsticks

A house is the carrier of home; chopsticks are the carrier of food. The chopstick rest represents the appearance of the home. A pair of blue and white chopsticks of different sizes, along with a Happy Life wooden box, is a gift for you and your significant other who have each other.

The Concept of Home

The concept of home is a carrier of a happy life, where you spend your meals and seasons with happiness.

Charming House

A house is the carrier of home, and a miniature house is printed on chopsticks. The chopstick rest is also in the shape of a small house. It is the author's wish for a beautiful life.

Mismatched Chopsticks

A pair of chopsticks, one long and one short, represent big and small hands, symbolizing the meaning of happiness walking forward together.

Simple Blue and White

The blue and white combination, with a simple and clean design, represents the minimalist concept of modern living.

Natural Wood Material

Chopsticks are made from natural wood materials, making them healthy and safe daily.

Lacquer Craftsmanship

The colored part is coated with lacquer craftsmanship, smooth and easy to grip; the color will not peel off, providing peace of mind when using it.

Sandblasting Design

The chopstick tips are designed with sandblasting, giving them a gritty texture that increases friction when holding food, making it easier to pick up dishes from the table.

Happy Life Wooden Box

The wooden box is printed with "Happy Life," and it's a thoughtful gift for newlyweds.

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