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Handcrafted Japanese Mino Ware Ceramic Wrinkled Plates

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Mino ware is a type of traditional Japanese ceramic that is made in the Mino region of Gifu prefecture. These ceramics are known for their high quality and craftsmanship and are used for both practical and decorative purposes. The wrinkled texture on the plates is a unique feature that is achieved through a special technique called "karatsu-neri," which involves applying a mixture of clay and water to the surface of the plate before it is fired. This creates a unique texture and pattern on the surface of the plate. Mino ware is considered to be one of the finest types of Japanese ceramics and is highly valued by collectors. The plate is also sold in a set of five (3x Black 2x white) in a paper gift box. 

Origin: Made in Japan

Craft: Mino Ware

Set of One: 
1x Ceramic Plate

Set of Five: 
3x Black Ceramic Plates
2x White Ceramic Plates

Handcrafted in Japan with traditional ceramic-making methods, each with a unique design and texture.