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Bohemia Gold Enamel Wine Glasses Decanter Gift Set

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The Bohemia Gold Enamel Wine Glasses Decanter Gift Set is the epitome of classic elegance fused with exquisite craftsmanship. Imported from the Czech Republic, this set is a remarkable representation of the prestigious Bohemia crystal glassware, celebrated for its clarity, quality, and artistic merit.

At the heart of this set lies a beautifully contoured decanter, boasting a wide base that gracefully tapers to a slender neck, ensuring the perfect pour. The body of the decanter is accentuated with a striking gold band that wraps around the midpoint, featuring a stunning enamel floral motif in a serene palette giving it a bespoke appearance.

The decanter is crowned with a crystal-clear stopper that fits snugly to preserve the wine's flavor and aroma. The stopper's design adds a decorative flourish to the silhouette of the piece.

Accompanying the decanter are matching wine glasses, each standing tall with a high stem to prevent heat transfer from the hand to the wine. These glasses mimic the decanter's design, with a similar gold band and enamel flower adorning the front, just below the rim, creating a cohesive and luxurious look. The rim of each glass is detailed with a fine gold line, adding a touch of glamour to every sip.

This gift set is a means to enjoy fine wine and a display of artistry that elevates the home bar or dining setting. It is ideal for the discerning connoisseur or as a cherished gift for a special occasion. The Bohemia Gold Enamel Wine Glasses Decanter Gift Set is a blend of tradition and luxury, offering an unrivaled experience of elegance and style.

Origin: Made in Czechia

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